The 7 Secrets of A Phenomenal L.I.F.E.

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Everyone wants a phenomenal life, but few feel like they are living the life they really dream of. Many books have been written about goals, dreams and business, but this one reveals practical, real life, every day techniques for becoming the phenomenal person you were created to be, how to make phenomenal money and have phenomenal relationships. Most of all, it inspires the reader to take action in the areas of life that may have been neglected.
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"Howard Partridge is a phenomenal person, so it's fitting he would write about how to have and enjoy a phenomenal life. This book shares his associations, his lessons, his ideas, and his structure. I urge you to read this book and implement the strategies and ideas he espouses so that you may become phenomenal too."

Jeffrey Gitomer, author of the Little Red Book of Selling

"If anyone knows about living life to the fullest, it is Howard Partridge. A wonderful book, from a wonderful leader!"

Michael E. Gerber Co-Founder, Chairman of Michael E. Gerber Companies, Creator of The E-Myth Evolution

"As Dad says, our goal is to achieve balanced success in every area of our life. 7 Secrets to a Phenomenal Life shows you the Why and the How to achieving balanced success in your personal and business life. Howard Partridge has revolutionized my thinking on this concept more than anyone I have ever met -- except for Dad of course!"

Tom Ziglar, CEO and Proud Son of Zig Ziglar

Meet the Author

Howard Partridge

Howard is originally from "L.A" (Lower Alabama). Growing up on welfare, there were 7 kids crammed in a tiny 600 square foot shack. The roof was so bad that when it rained, they had to get out the pots and pans to catch the leaks. His mother fed the family on $100.00 a month at one point.

When Howard was 18, he climbed on Greyhound Bus to Houston, Texas. He had 25 cents in his pocket. After becoming a professional waiter, he started his first business from the trunk of his car.

After struggling for a number of years, he learned the "secrets" of a "phenomenal" business and transformed that business into a multimillion dollar enterprise. He has owned 9 small businesses altogether.

He began teaching his systems to other business owners in 1998, and has become the exclusive small business coach for the Zig Ziglar Corporation, a founding member of the John Maxwell Coaching Team, and currently helps small businesses worldwide improve their businesses which in turn is helping them change their lives.

Howard is president of Phenomenal Products, Inc. which provides training programs for small business owners.

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